Smart Headend

A Smart Headend is a compact, tightly integrated, software controlled device that generates AV channels compatible with TVs on a coax or IPTV network.  Smart Headends are typically used in hotels, stadiums, schools, corporate offices and similar venues where multiple TVs are used.  Smart Headends provide advanced software features and are easier to install and manage than traditional component connected headends.  Build you own or choose from one of our preconfigure Smart Headend devices.    

West Pond Datacasting Solutions

Broadcast TV Infrastructure

The FlexStream Broadcast TV family of products were designed to meet the unique demands of the broadcast industry. While other companies lost interest in the linear TV market, West Pond continued to invest. Making many of our features best in class. Our mission-critical, broadcast-quality transport stream multiplexer can be configured into an edge QAM or enterprise grade tuner/capture/encoder for WAN distribution networks. Our datacasting solutions are designed to simultaneously support a wide range of content providers on a single broadcast. They have been used for remote education, first responder safety, earthquake early warning systems, and more.

Correctional TV Solutions

Channel Creators For In-House TV

The FlexStream Channel Creator is a solution for anyone looking to add and manage digital channels to an existing in-house cable TV network. Our equipment is compatible with almost any linear TV network including analog (NTSC) TV networks, clear QAM digital cable networks, commercial cable TV networks such as Spectrum or Comcast, converted satellite TV networks, and even amplified antenna networks. These turn-key systems are pre-configured to meet your needs and most installations do not need any additional hardware. Everything you need, including the software, is in the FlexStream CC device.

Hospitality AV solutions

Private Cable TV Gateways

The FlexStream HY family of products are compact, economical, comprehensive replacements to aging traditional private cable TV infrastructure. These products were designed and priced for facilities that wish to continue providing linear TV for their residents, guests, and visitors, without the high price of traditional suppliers. The FlexStream HY products work with your existing cable TV or IP based distribution network (coax or IP) to enable a customized, turn-key channel lineup, for a price that is significantly less than most cable TV and Satellite TV subscription services.

West Pond Datacasting Solutions

Base Model Packages

If none of the pre-built models fit your needs, these base models can be customized.