Smart Headend Systems

A smart headend system is a modern, advanced version of a traditional headend system that incorporates advanced technologies that collects multiple signals from various sources, such as cable TV channels, satellite TV channels, and internet service providers, are received and processed for broadcast to end users.

FlexStream MX-400 Series Smart Headend Systems

The FlexStream MX-400 series of smart headend systems are designed to provide advanced features and capabilities that are not available in traditional headend systems. Smart Headends are typically used in hotels, stadiums, schools, corporate offices and similar venues where multiple TVs are used.  Smart Headends provide advanced software features and are easier to install and manage than traditional component connected headends.  

One of the key benefits of a smart headend system is that it can reduce operational costs by automating many of the routine tasks associated with managing and maintaining the network. For example, it can automatically detect and diagnose network issues, perform proactive maintenance, and optimize network performance based on real-time data analytics.

Overall, a smart headend system can help service providers deliver high-quality TV and internet services more efficiently, effectively, and cost-effectively. It is becoming an increasingly important technology in the rapidly evolving world of digital media and entertainment.

MX-400TS Broadcast Multiplexer

The MX-400TS is a mission critical broadcast quality transport stream multiplexer with expansion module flexibility.  This multi-input, multi-output, multiplexer can process up to 500 Mb/s while maintaining “best in class” PCR and IAT jitter timing that rivals any hardware based TS mux solution.  Use for IP to IP transmission or add modules to create an edge QAM or Tuner to IP distribution system.  ASI and other TS modules
are also supported.

MX-400CC Channel Creator

The MX-400CC was designed for anyone looking to add just a few HD channels to an existing in-house cable TV network.  Control the content of your channels using the easy to use calendar based content scheduler.  Great for creating a continuously engaging channel for senior living centers, correctional facilities, healthcare and educational institutions.  The MX-400CC is configured to support a wide variety of local, stored, live streamed, and cloud based AV sources that can easily be scheduled on your new channels.

MX-400HY Hospitality Edition

The MX-400 HY is the perfect solution for creating an economical turn-key hotel TV channel lineup.  The base product will create up to 20 linear HD channels for your existing coax or IPTV network.  Content is sourced from major network channels (antenna), premium channels (partner sourced via Internet), and property channels.  Use our HTML signage system and signage templates to create dynamic property channels that advertise resort amenities, local attractions, and house specials.  This solution is perfect for hotels, universities, resorts, hospitals, and other facilities with in-house cable TV systems.

MX-400ST Stadium Edition

The MX-400ST complements existing in-house cable TV networks by merging HTML graphics with stadium video to create dynamic multimedia HDTV channels tunable by one or all stadium TVs. Stadiums TVs are quickly transformed from video monitors to dynamic multimedia displays containing game video, advertisements, game stats, time, temperature, raffle info, weather, traffic, social media photos, stadium alerts, and of course the game score and other score board information.

FlexStream MX-300 Smart Headend Systems

The FlexStream MX-300 is the base model of all MX-300 smart headend systems. This device collects and creates TV programming from nearly any source and transforms that video into TV compatible channels.

MX-300TS Broadcast Multiplexer

The MX-300TS is the same mission critical broadcast quality multiplexer provided with our flagship MX-400TS but with enhanced processing, storage and networking.  The MX-300TS can process up to 2500 Mb/s from/to IP sources or expansion modules while continuing to maintain our “best in class” jitter timings.  The MX-300 chassis supports a single module bay that can be used to integrate ASI, 10 Gig Ethernet, quad TV tuners, or a multiport modulator module.  This unit is the perfect fit for multi-channel edge QAM, broadcast TV IP redistribution, or an IP to IP multiplexer applications.

MX-300TX Companion Transcoder

Sold only with the MX-400HY, the MX-300TX transcodes internet streamed premium channels into legacy TV MPEG2 compatible streams.  This unit will transcode up to 20 HD streams and pass them onto the MX-400HY for in-house cable TV distribution over coax wiring.  The MX-300TX comes with two GigE network ports and up to 2 TBs of storage.

MX-300SX Broadcast Multiplexer

The MX-300SX combines the flexibility of the MX-300TS with the encoding capability of the MX-300TX.  This gives integrators flexibility when creating smart TV gateway solutions that require multi-channel transcoding, AV HTML signage overlays, or both.  This unit is a great fit for expanding the MX-400HY premium TV channel lineup, for creating compatible channels, or for multi-channel on screen messaging.  It can be used stand-alone, or with other MX devices.

FlexStream MX-200 Headend Systems

The MX-200 hosts the MX-400 software in a compact, cost effective shelf-top package. Just like the MX-400, it is used to create TV channels that are added to an existing in-house cable TV or IPTV networks.  This is a great fit when creating a single HD channel and scheduling AV sources from HDMI/AV capture, streaming video, video library, local cameras, etc.

MX-200CC Channel Creator

MX-200CC provides the software features of the MX-400CC in a closet friendly wall mount form factor.  Like the MX-400CC it creates a private TV channel compatible with consumer TVs.  It combines multiple streaming video sources into a “ready-to-view” TV channel compatible with any commercial or consumer TV.  This unit is very popular for senior living and correctional facilities looking to add a single HD channel using a signage source, such as a player on the HDMI port, as the primary source and an IP camera in a chapel or media room as one of the secondary (scheduled) sources.  Additional sources could be from URLs (YouTube, Vimeo) or from the internal DVR.

MX-200TS Broadcast Multiplexer

MX-200TS is an economical LAN to TV RF solution.  I.e. In house edge QAM.  This unit is ideal for properties looking to add channels with the MX-400CC but prefer not to install the MX-400CC in a difficult to access cable room.  Alternatively, the MX-200TS can be used to combine channels from multiple sources onto a single cable TV network  In these situations the MX-200TS is typically receiving programming from another, easily accessed, MX-200 or MX-400 unit.  For example, an MX-400CC and companion DVD player will be located in the media room and the MX-200TS will be installed in one or more cable TV demarcation closets.

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