Device Management Services

Designed to help you support your infrastructure, even when you do not have IT staff on location.

Let Us Take Managing Your AV Systems Off Your To-Do List! 

West Pond’s Remote Managed Services provide a responsive, trusted alternative to monitoring and managing your on-premise West Pond AV systems and the content they are serving up.  You stay in control with a dashboard view that provides real-time insight into the performance of your content without having to be responsible for its delivery.

West Pond will:

  • Monitor, manage and control all your devices.
  • Manage highly efficient and scalable architecture.
  • Provide high quality of service based on our technology expertise.
  • Have always available customer care.

FlexDM is a cloud-based content and device management system that provides users, integrators, and installers with the ability to remotely manage any FlexStream device and the media delivered by that device.  You will be able to easily check the health of your system(s) along with bandwidth, storage, CPU and environmental data.  Adding custom video will be a snap along with sharing video across multiple properties and locations.

Content Delivery and Peace of Mind 

Easy and reliable audio-visual content monitoring, management and delivery.


Save cost by redeploying your  resources on more strategic tasks.  


Focus on AV outcomes instead of operational details — all available via your remote dashboard.


Be confident your content delivery is in good hands, with reliable service delivery and technology expertise.

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