Loaner Equipment Program

Loaner equipment is available to partners, integrators and end customers.  

West Pond provides loaner equipment to Integrators, Partners and end customers looking to test or run a Proof of Concept initiative to help meet technology needs. West Pond engineers will work with your team to review your testing and ensure the equipment we loan will meet your desired testing goals. 

One of the advantages of working with West Pond is our ability to customize our devices to meet most all of our customer’s unique needs.  While we can do this with our production equipment this service is not standard practice with our loaner or Proof of Concept program and could incur engineering costs

Our headend, receivers and accessory equipment is available on a short and long term basis.  To request equipment, fill out our loaner equipment form to initiate the process.   Our program is exclusive to the US but we do offer International Loaners through a buy-back program.  International customers should also use the Loaner Equipment form to request equipment.

Loaner Program 

Loaner Process:

  • Request a loaner from West Pond through our form.
  • Schedule a call to discuss your needs, testing plans and goals.
  • West Pond ships the equipment.
  • Test or POC is conducted.
  • Equipment is returned.

When using loaner equipment, remember:

  • This equipment is in high demand so it’s important you reserve it for the time you will need it for and no longer.  Make requests in advance.
  • Return the equipment at the designated time. Late returns can affect other users and/or trigger invoicing.
  • Return all equipment pieces – take care to make sure all cables and adapters are returned
  • The borrower will be held responsible for lost or damaged equipment
  • If you run into any issues please call us 978-562-4306

Request a Loaner

Have questions before you request a loaner?  No problem!  Just give us a call 978-562-4306 or send us your questions.