FlexStream Channel Creator


FlexStream MX-100CC – Versatile Channel Creator

The FlexStream MX-100CC is a low cost, all-in-one, turnkey TV channel creation and distribution device. It combines multiple streaming video sources, such as IP cameras, IPTV A/V, pre-recorded TS files, and captured/encoded HD into a single MPTS (multi-program transport stream) which is ready to view by one or all commercial and consumer TVs or IPTV set top boxes on your coax RF or IPTV network. In addition, the MX-100CC will encapsulate one of these live video streams with HTML5 media to create a custom channel for pubs, restaurants, hotels, senior living apartments, theaters, hospitals, corporate offices, universities, health clubs and more. Applications include advertising specials while patrons watch the game, promoting hotel amenities, training video channel, beach cam/lobby cam/  TV channel, today’s activities and events channel, welcome channel, menu boards, intermission TV, and many many more. Use one of the provided HTML5 templates, no coding required, or use your imagination to create your own special multimedia wrapped TV channel.

The HTML5 video wrapper marries the creativity of HTML5 with the simplicity of templates to create the perfect tool for anyone interested in augmenting a video stream to create a custom channel. Special HTML tags enable our encoder (MPEG2 or h.264) to insert any of the available live video streams into the HTML5 wrapped channel. No special tools or knowledge of HTML5 is required. Use the provided templates to integrate advertisement with live TV, overlay time/temperature, add logos, alert customers to specials, provide camera views of the hotel lobby, pool, and breakfast bar, welcome guests, announce events, distribute alerts, and more.

The MX-100CC is a scaled down version of the MX-400CC in that it supports all the same software feature set in a shelf top package. The shelf top packaging limits the number of option modules and does not support the fancy front panel, but it still provides the same feature rich software of the MX-400 Series of products.

To set up the MX-100 CC simply connect the device to your network, browse to the integrated Web UI, select a template, customize the template using the template configuration web page, and tune your TV to the new multimedia channel. The MX-100 will create up to 2 MPTS for modulated RF output or IPTV networks. Modulator supports DVB-T, ISDB-T, US Cable TV QAM, and US ATSC broadcast standards.

The MX-100 supports the FlexStream Device Manager (Flex DM) which allows you to remotely manage all your FlexStream devices from any computer or smart phone. A perfect solution for off-site management or to manage multiple locations.

The FlexStream MX-100CC is specially configured to:

  • Add SD and HD digital channels to your hotel channel lineup.
  • Create TV channels that advertise local attractions, menu specials, and resort amenities
  • Create TV channels that convert TVs into digital signs.
  • Create TV channels that train staff, direct visitors, announce daily events, or show a tv guide
  • Use IP cameras, including security cameras, as TV channel video to create a beech cam, lobby cam, or doorbell cam TV channel.
  • Leverage your existing media sources such as cameras, PCs, DVRs, DVD players, radio, and more.
  • Create channels from video recorded from a PC, DVD, Mobile Phone, Camera, or other media source.
  • Combine any live video with HTML5 graphics to create a multimedia TV channel. Use our presentation templates or create your own.
  • Support both RF and IPTV networks
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FlexDM Remote Management

Use FlexDM to manage West Pond devices from anywhere on any device. Create and manage a video playback channel at multiple sites. Check the status of a customer’s RF network.

Add Custom TV channels

Loop or schedule recorded video for playback to create a local attractions channel. Use an HTML5 template to create a multimedia welcome or pub specials channel. Connect to an IP camera to create a weather or beach cam TV station.

Compact, All-in-One Solution

The MX-100CC makes TV headend simple. Other solutions require modulators, capture devices, encoders, multiplexers, and lots of cabling.

MX-100CC Benefits

Adding custom TV channels will:

  • Provide targeted content to your specific audience, keeping them engaged and happy
  • Reduce or eliminate cable/satellite subscription fees
  • Turn low resolution SD TV into high resolution HDTV by adding L-Bar graphics to the screen
  • Enhance your guests’ experience
  • Drive business to resort amenities, local attractions, and other resort properties
  • Motivate patrons to participate in activities
  • Advertise products and specials
  • Welcome guests and organizations
  • Train staff or patients

The FlexStream MX solution is best in class because:

  • Economical solution for enterprise cable TV “cord cutters”
  • Extremely flexible architecture adds value to any TV headend
  • Interfaces to a wide variety of devices that can be TV channel sources
  • Designed for easy installation and management
  • Outputs digital TV via RF (cable TV), and streaming IPTV

Applications in hospitality, healthcare, senior living, entertainment, restaurants and bars, corporate, education, houses of worship, stadiums and arenas, government, military, and apartment buildings.

FlexStream MX-100CC

MX-100CC Details

The MX-100CC has be configured to perform the functionality of the following traditional headend components.

Headend Components Integrated:

Video Server / Streamer: Load 30 hours or more of video files onto the MX-100 and create custom TV channels via our built in video server. Create a looping playlist or schedule playback at specific times. Manage channels and video content on one or more systems using FlexDM.

Video Encoder (HD): Capture video and audio from any of these ports and encode it to broadcast quality standards. This box supports h.264 and MPEG2 video and a variety of audio formats.

Digital Signage Player: The HTML5 video wrapper combines video streams with HTML5 media to create a dynamic multi-media experience on a TV channel for viewing on one or more TVs without a digital signage player. This powerful tool is made simple through presentation templates provided by West Pond. See https://westpond.com/templates for a list of recent templates.

Demux-Remux Multichannel Multiplexer: Our integrated scalable broadcast quality multiplexer replaces the need for external rack mounted multiplexers.

Multi-channel modulator: The MX-100 supports one frequency and modulation agile modulators.


Software features:

  • Multi-channel video server with timed and looping playlists
    • Convert any video recording to a TV compatible file using the West Pond FlexDM service
  • Video capture from a variety of sources
    • HD and IP cameras.
  • HTML5 digital signage player with live video overlay
    • Presentation templates make signage easy
    • Many templates available
  • HD AV encoding
    • TV compatible encoding and signaling
  • Broadcast quality TS multiplexer
    • Multiple inputs, multiple outputs
  • Standard agile, frequency agile, RF modulator
  • RF display controller
    • RX-50 controls
  • RF TV and IPTV compatible
    • Simultaneously supports both RF and IPTV
  • Web UI with video thumbnails, status, and configuration


  • Auto discover via mDNS and other network discovery protocols
  • Web UI, password protected, configuration from anywhere
  • USB Configuration for bulk processing
  • SNMP status
  • FlexDM remote management

Base Hardware:

  • Form factor: Shelf top, 198 mm X 198 mm X 37 mm
  • Weight: Less than 3 lbs
  • Shipping weight: Less than 3 lbs
  • Operating Temp.: 0º – 45ºC (32º-113ºF)
  • Humidity: 10 – 95% RH, non-condensing
  • Input voltage (external power supply): 100 – 240VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Power: Less than 15 watts
  • Cooling: Air cooled.
  • Compliance: FCC class A/CE
  • Cabling and Adapters: Power brick and cord included, SMA to F adapter provided
  • CPU: Quad core 1.6 – 2.0 GHz with GPU
  • Standard Inputs:
    • 1x GigE
    • 4x USB 3.0 Host, 1x USB 2.0 Host
    • mSATA up to 1TB, 32 GB standard
    • Single HD capture w/audio
    • Single channel frequency agile, standard agile modulator
    • External USB ATSC tuner monitor (optional)
  • Warranty:
    • 1 year repair or replace + software updates
    • 1 year FlexDM remote management subscription included
    • Extended warranty available

Hardware module options:

  • External USB Monitor tuner options:
    • Cable TV Monitor Tuner US Cable QAM
  • SSD storage up to 1TB

MX-100 Transport Stream Sources:

  • Ethernet
    • 4 independently managed GigE ports.
    • IPTV, Digital Cameras, other MX-100 units, 3rd party encoders
    • UDP/RTP input auto detect
    • RTP/RTSP input support (converted to TS)
  • Decode/Encode
    • Decode DTV content from RF, IP, etc.
    • Encode HD and other sources.
    • TV compatible real time encoding. ATSC, DVB, ISDBT
    • Overlay HTML5 on any video to add multi-media before encoding.
    • Encode HTML5 without video for simple signage channels.
  • DTV
    • Terrestrial broadcast TV, cable TV (clear QAM), and satellite TV (unencrypted)
  • Video streaming
    • Multichannel video steamer
    • Playlist and schedule driven
    • >20 Gbytes on board storage, expansion to 4TB
    • WebUI with file upload and progress bar
    • FlexDM cloud based transcoding and channel management

Transport Stream Processing

  • Maximum aggregate bitrate input/output: ~500Mb/s – Constrained by input device, output device, & CPU usage
  • Maximum number of MPTS inputs: Not limited
  • Maximum number of MPTS outputs: Not limited – Constrained by CPU usage or output devices
  • Maximum video elementary streams per program: Not limited
  • Maximum number of audio elementary streams per program: Not limited
  • Maximum number of data streams per program: Not limited
  • UDP unicast & multicast UDP input/output TS support
  • SMPTE 2022 FEC Pro-MPEG
  • RTP/RTSP input support (converted to TS)
  • Transport packet size: 188/204 byte

Transport Stream Multiplexing

  • Demultiplexer/Remultiplexer
  • Program filter and mapping (“cherry picker”)
  • PID filter and mapping
  • PSI (PAT/PMT) signaling
  • ATSC, DVB-T, ISDB-T signaling including user definable channel labeling descriptors
  • PSI, PSIP, ATSC, DVB-T, ISDB-T table merging
  • PSIP parental control insertion and override
  • PCR dejittering and restamping
  • Rate smoothing
  • Time stamping
  • TS CBR and VBR

Transport Stream Outputs

  • RF via DTV modulation
  • IPTV via GigE ports

Transport Stream Analytics

  • Presented via Web UI and front panel QVGA
  • Dynamic input/output stream stats
  • Signaling verification
  • Video thumbnails in web UI

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