Hudson, MA – June 16, 2015 – West Pond Technologies today announced the FlexDK integration kit which enables commercial digital TVs to receive files and notifications over AV networks. Commercial televisions, used primarily in hotels, hospitals and other health care facilities, can now be managed and enhanced using coax cable infrastructure. This unique data distribution network can be used to manage channel maps, update software, distribute application data, and to fulfill any customer specific, on demand, file delivery needs.

The founders at West Pond Technologies have more than a decade of experience creating infrastructure which delivers third party software updates and other data to consumer electronics and commercial devices over DTV transports. “The FlexDK integration kit provides the source code and toolset needed to quickly enable the management features that TV manufacturer’s desire.” said Steve Hastings, President and CEO of West Pond Enterprises. “We are excited to be working with RCA Commercial TV on this new product”.

RCA Commercial Electronics will be integrating the FlexDK software into their Hospitality TV product line and will use this service to enhance guest experiences and reduce maintenance costs. “West Pond’s unique TV management solution is a nice complement to our collection of inventive hospitality features.” said Kirby Goedde, Engineering VP of RCA Commercial Electronics. “RCA Commercial Electronics has a comprehensive solution for all lodging needs. We provide quality TVs with innovative features to the hospitality, health care, and commercial TV markets.

About RCA Commercial Electronics

RCA commercial TVs are designed to meet the unique needs of the lodging, healthcare, education and other commercial markets, now and in the future. With a complete range of screen sizes to choose from, you can always find the ideal model or solution to meet your space or application requirements.

About West Pond Technologies, LLC.

West Pond produces and integrates broadcast quality head end and receiver equipment which enable digital signage and display controls over existing AV networks without disrupting video transmissions. The FlexDK integration kit can be licensed from WPE for integration into any device with a DTV tuner. File distribution is a feature of the WPE FlexStream Mx product family. West Pond Technologies is an integrator of West Pond Enterprises products.