West Pond is pleased to announce that VICTORIOUS LIVING videos are available to stream
FREE of charge on West Pond FlexStream devices.

The Victorious Living content is specifically targeted at the prison population and focuses on delivering God’s message of hope behind bars. VL has a free magazine for inmates, a Christian podcast & inspirational videos available anytime… Since 2013, the outreaches of Victorious Living have impacted millions of incarcerated lives through its bilingual magazine, broadcasts, correspondence program, reentry care team, and national prison tours.

VL bilingual broadcasts provide mental health, addiction recovery support, and Christian discipleship on prison tablets.

Viewership of Victorious Living bilingual broadcasts on prison tablets exceeds 1.7 million incarcerated people on over 600,000 tablets and quickly growing.

Check out the Victorious Living Magazine website to discover more about Victorious Living and their inspirational messages.