West Pond announces that 2nd Opportunity videos are now available
on West Pond’s FlexStream Channel Creator devices

Providing Real Solutions to Recidivism

West Pond and 2nd Opp are pleased to announce a strategic marketing agreement that permits users of West Pond’s FlexStream devices to subscribe, schedule and download 2nd Opp content directly from 2nd Opp’s web site.

2nd Opp is an employment readiness, financial literacy, life skills, and reentry program including educational courses and post-release services designed for currently and formerly incarcerated individuals. Our partnerships allow us to integrate high school equivalency prep courses and mental health & substance misuse programs among dozens of other supplemental courses that target issues such as anger management and parenting for prison and jail populations.

2nd Opp envisions a world in which individuals who have experience a life-changing setback get a second opportunity to lead a productive and purposeful new life.

Learn more at Second Opportunity