Hudson, MA – June 8, 2016 – West Pond Enterprises today announces the FlexStream MX-400 as the newest member of the FlexStream multiplexer family. This flexible multi-input/multi-output transport stream multiplexer can process up to 8 independent output transport streams and includes an innovative full motion front panel video display for video monitoring and stream analytics.

The compact 1RU form factor supports 4 expansion modules providing a wide variety of multiplexer input sources and output targets. Inputs can be HD content from broadcast TV, satellite, cable TV, ASI, HDMI, analog A/V, video server (playlist), IPTV & IP sources while output content can be distributed to ASI, IPTV, and in-house cable TV networks. In addition, the FlexStream MX-400 also supports many West Pond special features such as the integrated video server, full motion video front panel, cable network monitoring, L-Bar advertising signage, and remote display controls. The MX-400 supports standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) transport streams as well as h.264, MPEG2 and MPEG4 transcoding.

The FlexStream MX-400 platform supports the cloud based Flex Device Management (FlexDM) web application that permits the monitoring and remote management of MX-400’s settings and channel configurations. This enables troubleshooting remotely and re-configuration by AV professionals.

“The MX-400 is a world class, headend platform that brings IP capabilities to coax based facilities” said Gary Bonner, President of LiveEventTV in Orlando, FL. “The reception for the MX-400 has been outstanding because of its value proposition and future expansion capabilities”.

The FlexStream MX-400 is targeted at applications that desire centralized headend control and require flexible inputs and outputs such as hotels, motels, stadiums, apartment complexes, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities and is made in the USA.

About West Pond Enterprises, LLC.

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