Hudson, MA – May 3rd 2018 – West Pond is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the MX-100 Personal TV Channel Creator. The new MX-100 is a low cost, all-in-one, turnkey TV channel creation and distribution device that combines multiple streaming video sources, such as IP cameras, IPTV A/V, pre-recorded TS files, and captured/encoded HD video into a single multi-program transport stream (MPTS). The resulting MPTS, which is compatible with US and international standards, is ready to view by one or all commercial and consumer TVs on your coax RF or IPTV network. The technology is applicable to facilities that wish to extend their TV channel lineup or utilize the DTV network to enable multi-media signage on one or more dedicated public area TVs such as hotels, schools, universities, apartment buildings, health clubs, restaurants and pubs, senior living centers, churches, hospitals and more.

“The all-in-one packaging significantly simplifies installation and maintenance. An MX-100 installation has fewer components, cables, and connections than traditional solutions. By merging the components we have reduced the chances for incompatible configurations and provided a single, easy-to-use, web UI that is plug-and-play discoverable.” said Steve Hastings, President and CEO of West Pond.

To get your channel on the TV quickly, West Pond provides easy-to-use templates that simplify the creation of multimedia digital signage channels used to interleave advertisements with sporting events, promote hotel amenities, provide scheduled training videos, display live cameras, show the day’s events and activities, welcome new guests and more. Templates can be customized without coding, just drop files in folders and select from lists.

Need to check on your channel network remotely? The MX-100 supports the FlexStream Device Manager (FlexDM) which allows users to remotely manage all your FlexStream devices from any computer or smart phone. FlexDM is a perfect solution for off-site AV network management or to manage the AV networks of multiple locations.

Priced at $2995 MSRP the MX-100 is available now.

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Founded In 2013, West Pond Enterprises develops innovative video solutions that enhance and enable local cable and wireless networks to support multi-media content and to create custom channels that benefits the viewing audience. West Pond products include headend transmission equipment, managed receivers, and display controllers. Markets include sports, entertainment, hospitality, digital signage, and public/education/government institutions.

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