Secure Datacasting Gateway


Secure Datacasting Gateway – FlexStream MX-400SR

Datacasting Solutions are a mechanism for inserting file data into unidirectional broadcast transport streams, distributing those streams over terrestrial, cable, or satellite TV transports, and assembling the streams into files at the target destination. This technology scales extremely well and is ideal when many targets are receiving the same file data. Our advanced datacasting solutions include forward error correction, targeting, content protection, IP encapsulation, adaptive bitrate encoding, and many other techniques to improve the reach and utility of our datacasting solution. This technology is commonly used with satellite and terrestrial broadcast transmissions but is also useful in small venues such as private cable networks.

The FlexStream MX-400SR is based upon the MX-400 and specifically configured for datacasting. It replaces the iconic 2U FlexStream-SR, featured in this PBS promotional video, as West Pond’s datacasting broadcast interface. This third generation device was designed with station/network managers, engineers, and datacasting providers in mind. This equipment is not just a datacasting server, but a gateway for all future datacasting needs. A single place where station engineers can manage and monitor datacasting provider’s use of station bandwidth. If awards were given for datacasting devices, the MX-400SR surely we receive one. Not convinced, check out some of our use case applications below, or download and explore the MX-400SR user manual.

The FlexStream MX-400SR is specifically designed for:

  • Broadcast and Satellite data insertion (datacasting)
    • Install at broadcast or satellite uplink facility or remotely feed the transport via IP
    • Provides simple (FTP hotfolder) or sophisticated (REST API) data input mechanisms
    • Creates data carousel streams from files
    • Prioritizes, encodes, signs, targets, and signals the data as specified
    • Manages multiple carousels and multiple datacasting providers
    • Integrates streaming sources from MX-400IO devices
    • Multiplexes all datacasting providers into one or more output streams
    • Supports opportunistic insertion and CBR from low bitrates to full transport speeds
    •  Transmits large files, small files, and streaming media
    • Transmits folder structure
    • Unlimited number of files
  • Real time monitoring
    • Track via ASI (input) or RF (broadcast monitor tuner)
    • Confirms data in = data out.
  • Experience
    • World wide networks
    • Nationwide networks
    • Regional networks
    • Hybrid networks
    • Custom networks

Datacasting Gateway

The MX-400SR enables multiple independent datacasting providers.

Best in Class

Take a look at our feature set.  We are sure you will agree, this is a best in class solution. 

FlexDM Remote Management

Use FlexDM to remotely access the MX-400SR web UI from any device anywhere.  

MX-400SR Benefits

Station/Network managers

  • Support for multiple independent datacasting providers.
  • Lower the barrier to entry for new datacasting business opportunities
  • Highly efficient transports maximize bandwidth use
  • Feature rich solution satisfies any datacasting need
  • Tiered datacasting priorities enables high value and low value datacasting applications
  • ATSC 3.0 ready

Station/Network Engineers

  • FlexDM remote access provide full control of datacasting functionality
  • Software controlled physical bypass relay can be activated remotely
  • Multi-provider system reduces the cascade of data inserter devices
  • Support for ASI and IP transports
  • Transmission monitoring via TS tap, Web UI, front panel video
  • Supports international signaling standards
  • ATSC 3.0 ready

Datacasting Providers

  • Enable new datacasting applications quickly without the requirement of datacasting hardware
  • Easy to use REST API for total control, or simple FTP hotfolder for basic transmission
  • Support for advance features such as content protection and streaming media


  • Applications for first responders, government, earthquake and weather warnings, media delivery, and digital signage.

MX-400SR Details

The MX-400SR has be configured to perform the following features.


Software features:

  • Support for multiple datacasting providers
  • Station personnel control of provider data usage
    • Priorities for bandwidth sharing between providers
  • Fixed data rate and opportunistic use of station bandwidth
  • Provider API for independent carousel control
  • Provider isolation via Rest API
    • Accesses restrictions via pre-shared certificates
  • Fixed data rate and opportunistic insertion of provider data within allocated bandwidth
  • Low, sub 3 second, file delivery latency
  • ASI and IP input/output
  • Software controlled bypass relay on ASI input/output
  • Broadcast tuner monitor provides easy installation and real time monitoring of broadcast transmissions
  • ASI, IP, IPTV PID tap (TS capture) for stream analysis and real time monitoring
  • Compatible with MX-400IO and FlexIO adaptive bitrate video encoders
  • Data encapsulation for MPEG transports
  • Carousel creation and management
  • Streaming data pipes and management
  • TS multiplexing to merge multiple data carousels
  • Content encryption (AES-256 ) and targeting
  • Forward Error Correction (FEC)


  • Front panel graphical configuration and status
  • Front panel video from station transport 
  • Web UI, password protected, configuration from anywhere
  • Datacasting bypass, Software controlled relay, ASI In to ASI Out
  • REST API for datacasting subscriber access
  • SNMP status
  • Monitor tuner
    • Auto discovery
    • Monitors MX-400 output
  • FlexDM remote management

    Base Hardware:

    • Form factor: 1RU, 19 inch rack, 328.2 mm (12.92 inch) L X 442.2 mm (17.41 inch) W X 44.0 mm (1.72 inch) H
    • Weight: Less than 6 lbs
    • Shipping weight: Configuration dependent
    • Operating Temp.: 0º – 45ºC (32º-113ºF)
    • Humidity: 10 – 95% RH, non-condensing
    • Input voltage: 100 – 240VAC , 50-60Hz
    • Power: Less than 80 watts – Configuration dependent
    • Cooling: Fan cooled. Positive pressure, ~20 cfm air flow front to back.
    • Compliance: FCC class A/CE (TBD)
    • Rack mounting: Mounting ears provided
    • Cabling: Power cord included, others provided with optional hardware
    • Front panel configuration: Management LAN network connection
    • Front panel video: QVGA. H.264 & MPEG2 decode and scaling
    • CPU: Quad core 1.6 – 2.0 GHz with GPU
    • RAM: 4GB, DDR3 ECC, 1600
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Standard Inputs:
      • 4x GigE
      • 2x USB 3.0 Host
      • 2x low profile PCIe X1 Gen II
      • 2x full profile PCIe x1 Gen II
      • 1x Mini PCIe USB 2.0
      • mSATA up to 1TB, 32 GB standard

    Optional Hardware:

    • ASI
      • ASI Out
      • ASI In/Out with opportunistic data insertion and software controlled bypass relay
    • Broadcast TV Monitor
      • ATSC/DVB-T/ISDB-T: Broadcast Monitor Tuner
    • SSD storage up to 4TB

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