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FlexStream MX-200CC – Private Channel Creator

West Pond’s recently announced MX-200CC follows in the footsteps of the MX-400CC Channel Creator and creates private TV channels that are visible on each resident’s television.

Facilities are using private TV channels to inform, entertain, and engage community residents. These channels display signage content, movie night, live events, recorded media, internet video, guest speakers, educational content, and more on any resident TV.

Use our calendar feature to choreograph the weeks TV content, then let it playout while you attend to other things.

Schedule daily playback of exercise videos, physical therapy, crafting shows, or simply set the mood through a relaxation video.

Broadcast live events using IP cameras while recording them for future playback.

All this in a single compact device. No keyboard, no monitor, no racks of equipment and no tangled mess of wires.

The MX-200 can be managed from anywhere using any device via an internal Web UI. The shelf top or wall mounted MX-200CC is feature comparable to a similarly equipped MX-400CC rack mount unit. If your facility is limited in space and does not need to expand beyond the basic MX-400CC hardware inputs, the MX-200CC may be right for you.

Create HD or SD Channels

Channels for resident TVs and hallway/lobby TVs.
Cable company determines the number and resolution of resident cable box TV channels.

Channel Programming is Configurable and Dynamic

DTV Video Encoder creates TV compatible programming.
Includes HTML and URL HTML signage programming.
Use cameras (Network), PCs, DVD players (HDMI), etc.
Video Playback Server creates channel programming from recorded files.
Use playlists and scheduled playback.

Designed for Remote Management

Front panel configuration and video.
Cable network diagnostic monitor.
Fully configurable/software controlled cable TV modulator.
Firewall friendly – remotely managed via FlexDM™ cloud.

Digital Signage

Offer news, weather, menus, daily activities, events, announcements, and awards – even streaming content.

Community Channels

Show live video from the facility’s gardens, chapels, and vista cameras.

Playback Video

Serve up prerecorded video from community events, movies, exercise videos, local-access TV, and other entertainment.

Connected Devices

 Connect PCs, media players, DVD players, cameras, and other devices to create content for your TV channel. 

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MX-200 Details


  • Form factor: 9″ x 8″ x 2.5″ wall mount or shelf top unit
  • Front panel configuration: Management LAN network connection
  • Front panel video: QVGA. H.264 & MPEG2 decode and scaling


Standard Inputs/Outputs (configured for US or international standards):

  • 2x Independently configured GigE ports
  • 4x External USB cost ports
  • 1x HDMI/Component/Composite/S-Video capture w/audio
  • 1x US Cable QAM, ISDB-T, DVB-T, 8-VSB modulator
  • 1x Cable TV monitor tuner
  • 1x 32 GB of SSD storage (optional up to 1 TB)


Feature highlights:

  • Multichannel video recorder including scheduled recording 
  • Automate channel content with calendar scheduling
  • Automatic content change on AV source detection
  • 20 Gbytes on board storage, expansion to 1TB
  • URL based digital signage
  • Audio remix with URL signage
  • FlexDM cloud based transcoding and channel management

TV Channel Outputs:

  • RF: Multi-channel cable TV RF (clear QAM), US and international standards
  • Networked: IP (UDP, RTP, RTSP), IPTV


TV Channel Sources:

  • Video encoder sources
  • TV compatible real time encoding. ATSC, DVB, ISDBT
  • HDMI Digital AV
  • Component Video
  • Composite Video
  • S-Video
  • Networked RTSP cameras
  • Internet sources including HTTP including streaming video
  • HTML with live AV overlay
  • Networked sources
  • IPTV, Digital Cameras, other MX-400 units, 3rd party encoders
  • UDP/RTP input auto detect
  • RTP/RTSP input support
  • DVR Sources
  • Multichannel video steamer
  • Create multiple playlists, or scheduled playback


  • 1 year repair or replace + software updates
  • 1 year FlexDM remote management subscription included
  • Extended warranty available

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