FlexStream Datacast Receiver


The RR-AR300M receiver downloads datacast files and shares them with devices and users via the embedded WiFi hotspot and internal web server.  Any computer file can be downloaded and shared.  The FlexStream datacasting technology can be used to transmit, receive, and share a single file or a complete website consisting of thousands of files.  Users can access the datacast web site from any device with a web browser.  Similarly, the RR-AR300M web site can be accessed by another device thus expanding the internet of things (IOT) beyond the reach of today’s internet. 

Need live streaming?  The RR-AR300M can serve up live audio streams to web site users. FlexStream transmissions with encoded AV (MX-400IO datacasting) relay any live stream to the datacasting network.  These streams are just a click away from any RR-AR300M, where ever they are.

The RR-AR300M installs easily scanning the spectrum for compatible transmissions.  When a FlexStream transmission (MX-400SR datacasting) is detected it self provisions and begins to download files.  When the manifest is complete, the data is accessible by the user.   Data is continuously refreshed to ensure users are accessing the latest data. 

  • Auto scan, finds datacasting network automatically (most transmissions)
  • Dual 10/100 network ports, switched to allow installation without consuming ports
  • Built-in WiFi AP 11 b/g/n
  • External tuner/antenna/32 GB storage dongle
  • Managed via Web UI or USB Command Sticks
  • Low wattage DC power can be powered by USB, AC Brick, Auto-USB adapters

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