FlexStream Integrated DVR

The FlexStream software, available and compatible with all FlexStream products, now includes an integrated DVR feature. This feature allows FlexStream users to record any available video source, save it, and play that video back on their in-house TV channel at any time. Playback may be continuous, or at any scheduled time in the future.

Currently, senior living facilities are using FlexStream products to bring live events, presentations, and religious services right to their resident’s in-room TVs. They can now use that same equipment to record, store and share the event again at a later date. For example, a speaker or pastor may visit your facility in person or give a virtual presentation. A camera or HDMI capture source brings that live event directly to your residents via the FlexStream in-house TV channel creation feature. Using the new DVR feature, this event can be saved and played back multiple times for everyone to see. Everything including musical performances, exercise classes, historical or nature talks, bingo games and religious services can be recorded and added to the channel lineup. All FlexStream devices have enough storage for hours HD recorded programming, with the option of adding extra storage through West Pond’s customization options. This feature is a valuable asset to any FlexStream user and we are excited to include it as part of our FlexStream software offering. West Pond is constantly working to increase the value of the FlexStream smart headend family of products

Senior Residential AV Solutions

Residential AV solutions are used in housing communities and continuing care facilities for residents that are 55 and older. Our AV management solutions can be used in multi-tenant retirement communities, independent living residences, and assisted living facilities.

MX-400CC Channel Creator

The FlexStream MX-400CC was designed for anyone looking to add just a few channels to an existing TV in-house cable TV network.

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