FlexDM is a cloud-based service that provides users, integrators, installers, and support personnel with complete control of their West Pond Smart Headend Products. You can manage any remote FlexStream Device and media delivered by that device along with monitoring critical systems.

FlexDM is a cloud-based content and device management system that provides users, integrators, installers, and West Pond support personnel (if permitted) with the ability to remotely manage any FlexStream device and the media delivered by that device. FlexDM allows users to monitor critical systems characteristics as a single device or groups of devices. FlexDM permits access to each device from any internet connection and the ability to monitor the status of one or more devices, reconfigure a device, update the device’s software, and manage the device’s content distribution. AV content, including streaming video and signage content, can be managed by FlexDM as well as the ability to monitor any input or output AV signals that the MX device is connected to. FlexDM also has tools to transcode AV content into TV compatible streaming video files for use on any of your FlexStream devices. All this control from the web browser of any connected device.

FlexDM Benefits:

  • Systems checked at a glance
  • Notifications
  • Enable others to manage the network.
  • Custom Video additions are a snap
  • Share content across properties and locations
  • Make a quick change to the signage content
  • Easy Remote Support

Make a quick change to the signage content.

Systems checked at a glance

Add Custom Videos

FlexDM Screenshots

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