Florida Citrus Sports enriches customer experience using existing coax infrastructure

Stadium televisions enrich the stadium experience. But how do you deliver video, TV and signage content without extensive investments in new infrastructure?

Rich content, video and live TV over legacy coax

The primary tenant for Orlando’s premier sports, concert and event venue delivers rich multimedia and video content over the facility’s legacy coax wiring.

Florida Citrus Sports guests keep abreast of announcements, weather reports, game data, and other experience-enriching information on the 300+ TV screens of Orlando’s Camping World Stadium.

Sponsors love it

Florida Citrus Sports intersperses scoreboard data, game stats, raffle pot sizes, weather, alerts, promotions, and advertisements with video from stadium cameras, cable TV, and production trucks.

“Sponsorship sales increased when we added stadium television to the sponsorship package”

Steve Hogan

Chief Executive Officer , Florida Citrus Sports

TV Media Supported In Stadiums and Arenas

  • Security Cameras
  • Professional TV Cameras
  • Cable/Satelite TV boxes, DVD players, And PC’s
  • Production Trucks
  • Cable TV Feeds
  • Antenna TV Feeds
  • Scoreboard Consoles
  • Satellite TV Feeds
  • Announcer Audio
  • Radio Audio
  • Pre-Recorded Video Files
  • Video Wrapper Content
  • RF Monitor

Non-negotiable requirements

The stadium’s events were set in stone. When Florida Citrus Sports considered a stadium TV solution, they needed a fully operational system on a short schedule with a hard deadline.

Moreover, Florida Citrus Sports required the vendor support the installation.

One system to control your stadium Video, Scoreboards, Menus, Sponsorships and more.

West Pond Technologies came through

Stadium television specialists West Pond Technologies provided IPTV-like features without an IPTV budget or schedule. The installation was simple, low risk, and on schedule.

The West Pond solution delivers two new custom stadium TV channels over the in-house coax network without interfering with existing Spectrum TV channels.

Keep the live-tv on screen and display digital menus

Remote management and quick ROI

In addition, West Pond supports the installation remotely. They don’t have to be on-site to manage the technology and channels.

West Pond’s state-of-the-art, multimedia experience quickly attracted sponsorship and easily met return on investment targets.

Better engage and enhance your fans experiences

– One system, many options –

The heart of the new system

The heart of the new system consists of two FlexStream media channels:

  1. The primary channel utilizes video from stadium cameras.
  2. The secondary channel captures the output of a cable TV box or PC displaying game statistics.

Every TV in the stadium is able to tune to one of these two channels.

Control all your digital signage menu boards

Technical details

At the headend—the control center—a FlexStream MX-400ST channel creator integrates HD video with HTML5 rich media. The resulting composite screen is encoded into a TV channel and added to the stadium clear QAM cable TV network where it can be received by any of the 300-plus stadium TVs.

The entire solution fits within a single 1RU rack space and was installed in a single visit. The HTML5-based video wrapper is easily adapted to meet the marketing needs of each event.

Display custom messages to inform your fans

“One of the smartest decisions we’ve made”

Since its installation, Florida Citrus Sports has used the technology to increase fan engagement and generate new revenue at all major events, including multiple college bowls and pro bowls.

“We are impressed with the simplicity, reliability and value of the West Pond FlexStream solution, and how it enhances the fan experience here at the stadium,” said CEO Steve Hogan.

“Fans enjoy the dynamic presentation of game data, weather and announcements,” Steve says. “Our West Pond solution is one of the smartest decisions we’ve made.”

Manage your TVs, live video, and digital signage remotely

The Florida Citrus Sports solution

MX-400ST was factory-configured with options to enable input from around the stadium:

  • Product truck
  • Stats PC
  • Stadium cameras
  • Another module accepts scoreboard information
  • A frequency modulator inserts two or more HD channels into the stadium cable TV network
  • A monitor tuner enables monitoring of the stadium’s cable TV network

Finally, a West Pond FlexDM remote management system provides Florida Citrus Sports and West Pond staff with anywhere-access to the device.