Datacasting Products

Datacasting is the broadcasting of digital data over a wide area via radio waves. It generally refers to supplemental information sent by embedding signals into either satellite or terrestrial television signals. West Pond has a long history in the digital datacasting industry and is considered an industry leader, having deployed product in this space since 2005.


The MX-400SR Datacasting Gateway uses MPEG encapsulation, content encryption, and data carousels to distribute computer files, and A/V streams over unidirectional transports such as satellite and terrestrial broadcast TV. Installed at the broadcast facility, and remotely managed, this device will provide all the data formatting necessary to target, deliver and protect your data.


Datacasting applications have expanded beyond file delivery to include private streaming video. Doing so requires data protection (encryption), targeting, efficient compression, and a mechanism to optimize video encoding within the ebb and flow of the available datacasting bandwidth.

West Pond Receivers


The RR-AR300M  supports tuners from a variety of international transmission standards including ATSC, DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, and DVB-S/S2. Data is received continuously and shared with users as HTML web pages using the built-in wifi hotspot. Applications include digital signage, software updates, education, and public safety.


The FlexStream RX-WP100 receives signage content via datacasting and integrates it with live broadcast TV video. Deploy a digital signage display anywhere TV signals are available.  No internet required.  The RX-WP100 is remotely managed via datacasting too.


The RX-50 special purpose datacasting receiver converts commands into actions.  For example, use this device to power on or off a device, close a relay as an earthquake early warning device, or activate an alarm when a tornado is in range.


The RR-ST1000 receiver/router is a plug-and-play device for receiving FlexStream terrestrial TV datacast and redistributing them on a LAN/WiFi for use by LAN based PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

West Pond Enabled Third Party Receivers


The RR-HC3, hardware provided by DigiCAP, is fully supported by the West Pond Technologies datacasting receiver software stack. This device supports one or two universal tuners. These tuners are compatible with ATSC 1, ATSC 3.0, DVB-T (T2), and ISDB-T transmissions. The device includes a high performance multi-core processor, SD card storage, WiFi, and LAN. It is an excellent choice for educational uses.


The RR-WETEK-PLAY, hardware provided by WETEK, is a fully supported DVB-S/S2 datacasting receiver for satellite use. This device supports DVB-S or S2 satellite transmissions, LNB controls, WiFi, LAN and SD card storage for datacasting content.


West Pond has ported it’s software to a number of Geniatech products and can quickly integrate the West Pond datacasting software stack onto many of these devices.

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