Multi-Input, Multi-Output Broadcast Quality Multiplexer with PSIP Table Manipulation


DVEO, a leader in DVB ASI, transport streams, MPEG Encoding, and video over IP solutions, had a gap in their product lineup. They needed a private label broadcast quality IP to IP transport stream multiplexer. DVEO’s vast collection of digital video systems and devices form a foundation upon which they not only sell products, but provide design house services for turnkey solutions. All too often this required sourcing a third party IP to IP or IP to ASI multiplexer. But these too were insufficient. DVEO needed their own multiplexer. Not just any multiplexer, but one that could simultaneously generate multiple transports streams, manage PSIP tables, and is compatible with DVEO ASI add-in modules. The supplier must be flexible enough to support new features as DVEOs customer base requests them. The supplier’s products must meet the quality standards DVEO’s customers have learned to expect. To that end, DVEO set out to find a quality partner capable of supplying products compatible with their customer’s needs and DVEO’s white label business strategy.

Goals & Challenges:

  1. Supplier of white labelled products
  2. IP to IP TS multiplexer
  3. Support for existing DVEO modules
  4. PSIP table parsing
  5. Other customer specific features as requested
  6. Quick turn-around when creating features for DVEO customers with special needs
    Meeting the white label products business requirements


West Pond’s technology was actively in use in dozens of PBS broadcast facilities. These businesses depended upon the quality of West Pond’s products. One feature within these products was a transport stream multiplexer. West Pond would isolate this feature and build upon it the necessary software to meet DVEO’s requirements. The result would be two products. An entry level, single purpose, IP to IP multiplexer and a full featured system with a comprehensive features set meeting the DVEO requirements and more.


Other Use Cases

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