Social distancing is becoming the new norm. While these techniques protect our most vulnerable, they also isolate residents, adding to stress, anxiety, and boredom.

Most senior living communities host a number of talks, religious services, musical performances, and other fun and engaging activities. When there’s a threat of outbreak these activities are often suspended, preventing all residents – even those that are healthy – from experiencing the benefits these events provide.

One of West Pond’s clients, a senior living community in Virginia, is using the flexibility and features of the West Pond MX-400CC Smart Headend system to deliver community content right to the resident’s room. Using a simple IP camera, focused on a set spot in the room (no camera operator needed) this facility can deliver pastoral programs, health and wellness talks from local doctors, and other resident-centered entertainment straight to residents’ rooms via their televisions. When live activities are not occurring, the private TV channel will resume the standard content such the daily activity calendar, weekly menus, birthdays, etc.

In the case where only a portion of the senior facility is isolated, other parts of the community may continue to host speakers and events. By using a camera to record and live-stream these events, the residents that are physically able to attend can attend, while residents in the restricted areas can enjoy the programming on their TVs.

Check out what we offer and how other senior living facilities  are using the MX-400CC to fully utilize their in-house private cable TV channels.

Channel Creators for In-House Cable TV - The CC Series

The FlexStream Channel Creator (CC) is a solution for anyone looking to add and manage digital channels to an existing in-house cable TV network.

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