Correctional TV Channel Creation & Programming Management

Create a correctional facility-friendly, TV channel lineup, or enhance your existing cable TV channels
with helpful new features.  One device has all the features you need.

Better prisoner programming, education, entertainment & information direct to your
prison TVs.

Enhancing your TV channels and programming can help manage inmate behavior, keep prisoners occupied, relieve stress, assist supervision, and minimize incidents.  Broadcasting a channel lineup that includes movies, religious services, educational content, music channels, health & fitness information, and general inmate information can make a huge difference in prisoner management. But only if the technology is easy-to-use and is designed with correctional facilities in mind.

The FlexStream CC Series enables prison staff to create custom TV channels, and manage the content of those channels, with an easy to use, web calendar user interface.

Whether adding channels, or providing a new channel lineup, the MX-400 has tools you need to entertain, educate, and occupy inmates, broadcast alerts and other time sensitive information, and control access to programming content using existing DTVs and cable TV wiring.

Add Your Own Channels To Your Facility TVs…

Alert staff & inmates with time-sensitive critical information

Instantly add notices or alerts to your facility TVs.

Church Service

Live stream video from facility cameras

Record & schedule to play your event back anytime.

Senior Couple Watching Television

Display educational courses & videos

Present online classes with content from the web and your own video sources.

Digital Digital Signage showing weekly channel topics

Create custom information channels

Show daily menus, activities, announcements and more.

Image of remote TV channel management

Manage content remotely

Schedule content from any source at any time using any connected device.

Play your DVDs

Play your favorite DVD & VHS movies

Connect a DVD player and play it to the entire building.

Recorded Cooking Class

Restrict access

Control viewing access to channels or TVs throughout your network.

senior-living-music-Channel graphic

Create music & radio channels

Connect to satellite radio, MP3, iPod or other device.

West Pond is announcing content partnership with providers who provide free & subscription correctional content including hit movies, life skill classes, education, spiritual programming & more.

See What These Correctional Facilities Are Doing

Women's Correctional Facility - Denver Colorado

  • 10+ private channels added to existing cable TV system
  • Local TV channels via antenna, PC & media players
  • Movie channels from 3rd party media sources
  • Training channels from pre-recorded videos
  • Signage channels from PowerPoint slides & other applications
  • Coexists with NTSC Analog TV and Clear QAM digital cable TV systems

Juvenile Correctional Facility - State of California

  • Turn-key 30+ channel cable TV lineup
  • Channels from antenna, satellite, stored recordings, PCs, signage & more.
  • Channel access controls to block select TV content.
  • Remotely manageable

Prison TV System - Fresno County California

  • Turn-key 12 channel TV lineup including local broadcast & movies
  • Informational banner overlay
  • DVR playback to simplify movie channels

Live Chaplin TV Channel for Correctional Facility - HCSO - Florida

  • Coexists with current Comcast cable TV channels
  • Custom channel for live sunday chaplin services
  • One chaplin camera feeds to two facilities
  • Channels are accessible via cable box tuning
  • Coexists with NTSC Analog TV and Clear QAM digital cable TV systems

Custom TV Channel for Correctional Facility - State of Colorado

  • Remote management of a private TV channel
  • Dedicated Prison
    Radio Channel 
  • Serves a network of 10 correctional facilities 
  • Content played from HDMI, recorded media, DVDs, PC sources
  • Coexists with NTSC Analog TV and Clear QAM digital cable TV systems

TV Upgrade Calms Residents of Juvenile Prison

A pilot program was created at the Juvenile Detention Center to see if upgrading the prison TVs and TV content would reduce tensions between residents.

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Simplify the management of your correctional TV programming.

Here’s what you can do.

  • Create and manage private TV channels for entertainment, education, religious services, health & fitness, training, orientation, music & daily information.
  • Use the built-in content scheduler to automate the private channel programming using content from DVD players, YouTube channels, Vimeo links, Recorded media, Video Files, Digital signage, Chapel cameras, and more.
  • Create digital signage channels, daily information channels, and facility identity channels by displaying a continuous web page (HTML presentation engine) as a private TV channel.
  • Deliver a message to all viewers by enabling a text scroll, L-Bar, full screen message, or multi-media display to any or every TV channel using built in HTML presentation engine and templates.
  • FlexDM management enables staff to monitor and manage the entire system both locally and remotely.
  • Create a complete DTV channel lineup or complement an existing one with HD and/or SD content.
  • Create traditional TV channels from free and subscription TV sources including broadcast TV, Satellite TV, Cable TV, and Internet TV.
  • Create movie channels from DVDs, files or networked sources.
  • FlexDM management enables staff to monitor and manage the entire system both locally and remotely.
  • Create a custom channel with logo, date, time weather, etc., and daily activity schedules and cafeteria menus if desired. Add live video from any source to deliver announcements and daily messages.
  • Create channels from media library playlists
  • Use the embedded DVR to record, and later playback, any FlexStream TV channel. Schedule recording and playback using the simple calendar interface.
  • Dynamic “Viewing Control” overrides can be used to restrict access to sensitive content without using a set-top box. This feature will also allow

 The CC Series is designed for anyone looking to add channels to a new or existing in-house cable TV network. It can take a wide variety of IPTV inputs such as outdoor cameras, TV & Internet sources, streaming services as well as video from local storage or your PCs. Record and play educational programming and training sessions for staff & inmates alike.

Senior Living TV Input/Output Diagram

Flexcare support included!

FlexCare is a comprehensive support program for FlexStream™ devices and services.

A single subscription provides our customers with technical support, access to on-going software maintenance and feature enhancements, a “repair or replace” hardware warranty, and use of the service online management portal.

FlexCare is provided for free for one-year as part of your initial purchase of a FlexStream device.
A subscription to FlexCare is required for technical support (telephone or otherwise) after the first year of ownership.