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Senior Living Solutions

• Use existing TVs to keep your residents engaged.
• Create your own community channels with HTML, streamed or recorded content.
• Easy remote management with FlexDM.
• Good for announcements, movie night, live functions, Zoom meetings, bingo, and special events.

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Hospitality Solutions

• Create your own custom concierge channels.
• Use over the air tuners and video capture to create a complete subscription-free TV network.
• Create digital signage that promotes in-house amenities on existing TVs and displays.
• Easy remote management with FlexDM.

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Stadium AV Solutions

• Economical and easy to use signage system for stadium TVs.
• Uses existing coax or IPTV network.
• Display game video, scores, stats and sponsored content.
• Create TV groups for different areas and manage remotely.
• Premade templates for digital signage.

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Senior Living AV Solutions

Create your own private TV channels for resident engagement.

Hotel TV Solutions

Hospitality AV Solutions

Create your own channel lineups and local amenities channels.

Stadium AV Solutions

Overlay live game footage with your own stat or ad templates.

Datacasting for Education

Datacasting can deliver educational material to a broad area.

Innovative Digital Video Solutions.

Since 2011.

The Customizable MX-400

Each product in the FlexStream MX-400 series addresses the specific needs of its respective market. If none of our existing hardware solutions meet your exact needs our engineering services team can work with you to create a custom configuration.

The Compact MX-200

The new MX-200 hosts the MX-400 software in a compact, cost effective shelf-top package. It can be used to create TV channels on your in-house cable TV system, IPTV system, or directly to display via the HD video output. The MX-200 creates continuous TV programming for IPTV networks, coax networks, and direct to TV displays.

Adding Private TV Channels to Your In-House Cable TV System

In-house cable TV systems are found in hotels, stadiums, schools, businesses, hospitals, senior living residences, homeowner associations, prisons, ships and other facilities where a large number of TVs receive the same set of TV channels. Most in-house cable TV...