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    As the cost of large flat screen TVs falls, their numbers increase. Bars, stadiums, museums, casinos, sports arenas, houses of worship, government and educational facilities are all overrun with TV screens. Now that the displays exist we need a way to power them on/off, select their channel, and otherwise manage their state. How is this done when the only communication to the TV is a coax broadcast network?

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    For the better part of a decade the hospitality industry has been busy replacing old, bulky TVs with flat screens. The leaders of this industry have also replaced their standard definition infrastructure with high definition equipment while others have followed with advances in TV management, locally generated TV channels, interactive features, and digital signage. West Pond has developed technology which consolidates many of these features into one economical 1RU package.

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    Sporting venues have HDTV envy as fans choose to stay home and watch professionally produced HDTV, but what if they could have the same experience at the game? See how West Pond uses White Space to bring HDTV to your mobile phone courtside.

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    A well configured retail outlet can deliver content to an entire retail box store, configure the receivers remotely, and power control the displays according to business hours. All this without wires.

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  • Datacasting

    Datacasting is a mechanism for inserting file data into unidirectional broadcast transport streams and assembling those streams into files at the target destination. This technology scales extremely well and is ideal when many targets are receiving the same file data. Our advanced datacasting solutions include forward error correction, targeting, content protection, IP encapsulation, and many other techniques to improve the reach and utility. It is commonly used with satellite and terrestrial broadcast transmissions but is also useful in small venues such as private cable TV systems.

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  • TV Infrastructure

    West Pond has been creating broadcast TV equipment for over 5 years. During that period, the equipment necessary to store, stream, multiplex, signal, and transmit TV stations has shrunk from a full equipment rack down to a single 1RU system server. While the technology has become smaller and cheaper, it still must be robust. Our broadcast equipment has been in continuous operation for more than 4 years, so we understand that down time is not an option.