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Modern retail environments heavily leverage digital signage to encourage purchases and direct shoppers to highlighted items. A well placed sign will grab the consumerís attention amidst a jungle of distractions. Unfortunately, that well placed sign may be in a location that is difficult to get communications wiring to, on a mobile display, or just temporary in nature. Integrators who have tried realize that a retail environment is hostile to WiFi signage players. So how do you control and distribute content to these difficult to reach digital signs and still use your favorite digital signage player? The answer is white space broadcast and West Pond Technology. Connect your favorite digital signage player to a West Pond mux, or add your video file to a program play list, connect a white space modulator, and transmit to the entire store. Now set up your displays with our receivers, or simply use a TV. If a display needs both advertisement and TV content, try using the RX-WP100 L-Bar advertisement feature.

West Pond's FlexStream (MX and MD) products, in complement with a white space pico broadcaster, provide a comprehensive wireless digital video distribution system. Unhampered by the interference issues that plague Wi-Fi and other unlicensed spectrum technologies; this solution delivers clear collision free content on licensed DTV spectrum. The resulting wireless network creates small DTV station broadcasting to consumer TVs or West Pond receivers. In addition to retail, this solution has applications in bars, stadiums, class rooms, museums, hotels, houses of worship, and professional offices.

Why use white space in retail?

Here are some examples deployments that leverage white space technology.


Single MPTS generation Centrally managed DTV Set top box
Create additional channels as well as control devices Display controls via RS-232 or HDMI-CEC
Include content from IPTV sources and file play lists. Simple digital signage using L-Bar graphics over video
Management coordinator for Rx-WP100 and associated displays Lobby and bar TV signage display, L-Bar or dedicated video channel
Rx management grouping and timed state change Plug and play technology, auto discovers management channel
RCA Commercial TV management Managed by Mx-WP400HY, software update, config, etc.
Rx-WP100 L-Bar signage file distribution & control Controlled in groups, or individually
Simultaneous IPTV and RF outputs Designed for autonomous operation

Photo credits: Ad image taken from photo by Michael Stern (CC-SA)

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