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Are you a volunteer at a local public access TV facility? Are you faced with the daunting task of converting your system from SD (or even worse analog) to HDTV? If so, our MX-400 may be just the product you are looking for. Our system can utilize content from live HDMI or analog video sources, IPTV network protocols, security cameras, ASI or SMPTE 310 equipment and most importantly files streamed from a playlist. We can encode or transcode two HD or four SD streams. Our outputs include ASI, SMPTE 310, Ethernet, or even a QAM modulator.

Here are some of the common problems our equipment resolves.

Our multiplexer allows you to get the most out of the bandwidth allocated by merging multiple program streams and creating the appropriate signaling. The MX-4400 is a TV station in a 1U box. Best of all, it can be managed remotely. Contact West Pond to configure the MX-400 to meet your needs.

Broadcast quality multiplexer
Program cherry picking and channel signaling
File play list for continuous TV channels
VMS and IP camera as input to multiplexer
HDMI/VGA/RGB/Composite encoded video to multiplexer
VMS and IP camera as input to multiplexer
ASI input to multiplexer
h.264 and MPEG2 encoding
Cable TV monitoring
Simultaneous IPTV and ASI output
Dual QVGA front panel for content monitoring

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