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Our goal of West Pond's hospitality products is to enhance product features, and reduce the total cost of ownership, of in-house RF-TV networks. As such, our devices are designed to bring new life to your existing equipment and coax infrastructure by economically enabling new features. Our MX-400HY does just that.

With 4 tuners, 4 QAM modulators, and our integrated Transport Stream multiplexer, the MX-400HY provides the ability to cherry pick subscription free HD TV programming from terrestrial broadcasts and add them to your guest TV network.

Redundant network channels ensure uninterrupted service in the event of satellite rain fade or cable outages.

Solid state video streaming capability will create all the hotel channels you need. Hotel channels provide guests with information about hotel services, local attractions, events, and more. They can even be used for lobby signage. This easy to use solution extracts and formats video from the HDMI/Analog video input, PPT files, TS file, DVDs, and more.

TV network monitoring and maintenance. The built-in QAM tuner monitors the network for channel map changes, signal dropout and more. These features record events and statistics and alerts the person of your choice via email should attention be needed.

Map IP enabled security cameras onto hidden channels for private access throughout the facility.

TV controls and digital signage. The MX-400HY will use the coax wire to send data and commands to West Pond receivers, players, and TV controllers such as the RX-WP100. If you have your own device, the FlexDK can be used to enable it to receive data over coax.

International options including a wide variety of tuners and modulators including ISDB-T, DVB-T, and DVB-S2.

The MX-400HY is specially designed for locations looking to add value to their coax infrastructure such as hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, and educational facilities. This device can create in house TV channels that display on existing TVs, or special purpose TVs such as digital signage. When used in conjunction with a West Pond receiver such as the Rx-WP100, the video channel, L-Bar advertisement, and display power can be controlled remotely from the MX-400HY Web UI. But perhaps the most important feature is our manageability. This device has dual QVGA panels and can display 60 fps video, so you donít need a TV to see a channel in the control room. If thatís not enough, our cable monitor system will monitor the in house TV network and alert you on common errors.

We want this to be the best hospitality product in your rack. If there is a feature you need, we will add it for you.



Quad Modulator & Quad tuner Centrally managed DTV Set top box Used in RCA Commercial TVs and other RF capable devices that need to receive files over RF (coax and wireless) broadcast networks
Broadcast quality multiplexer Display controls via RS-232 or HDMI-CEC Device configuration, digital signage content, EPG, software update, channel maps, etc.
Program cherry picking and channel signaling Simple digital signage using L-Bar graphics over video Compatible with all FlexStream Mx products
Subscription free broadcast TV to hotel cable TV channels Lobby and bar TV signage display, L-Bar or dedicated video channel Targeted file delivery
File play list for hotel TV channels Plug and play technology, auto discovers management channel Content source verification, ensures only your content is downloaded. Spoof proof.
VMS and IP camera to private TV channels for security Managed by MX-400HY, software update, config, etc. File discovery and version detection
HDMI/VGA/RGB/Composite to TV channel for signage & TV channels Controlled in groups, or individually Open Source, LGPL software
FlexDK targeted file carousel Designed for autonomous operation  
RCA Commercial TV management    
Rx-WP100 L-Bar signage file distribution & control    
h.264 and MPEG2 encoding    
In house cable TV monitoring    
Simultaneous IPTV and RF outputs    
Dual QVGA front panel for content monitoring    

Photo credits: Splash image modified from photo by Unique Hotels (CC-SA),

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