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West Pond began developing datacasting technology in 2005 when our engineers developed the first implementation of the ATSC A97 DTV software update specification. This software was later adapted to deliver files for the digital signage industry and it remains to be the only operational nationwide terrestrial TV datacasting network in the United States. West Pond continues to enhance its datacasting solution including the addition of transport stream multiplexers, IP encapsulators, enhanced Forward Error Correct (FEC), content protection, content targeting, and a variety of input sources and receiving devices.

Datacasting is used to deliver files, video, and other computer content on wireless one-way broadcast transports, such as satellite or terrestrial TV, to many receivers simultaneously. Common uses for datacasting are:

  • First responder data
  • Internet content to remote locations
  • Educational material
  • Software updates
  • Digital video, music and related ancillary data
  • Digital signage content

West Pond has been instrumental in creating a number of datacasting networks. The most notable are SpectraRepís IncidentOne U.S. Terrestrial DTV datacasting network and Outernetís global satellite datacasting network. Two very different deployments, yet the technology that enables them is very similar. West Pondís technology is instrumental in collecting the data, encoding, targeting, and preparing it for distribution. We also provide a wide variety of custom and off-the-shelf receivers to meet the needs of each datacasting application.

At West Pond, we understand that your needs may not exactly match the features provided by off-the-shelf products. We are happy to work with you to create a datacasting product that fits your needs.

The FlexStream datacasting product line consists of the:

  • MX-400IO which resides with and interfaces to video management systems
  • MX-400SR which resides with and interfaces to broadcast facility equipment
  • RR-ST1000 which resides at the data destination location and transmits the information to end users via LAN or WLAN networks.
  • IPDforPC - a Windows PC service that manages tuners and receives datacasting content for consumption by other PC applications
  • FlexDK which enables third parties to integrate datacasting reception capabilities into their receivers in a manner that is compatible with West Pond's Mx product line.

Product features leveraged for this solution:




IPD for PC
WPT Stream Manager Rest API WPT File Carousel Rest API ATSC Tuning ATSC tuning via USB 2.0
Milestone XProtectģ VMS Matrix Interface Content targeting key management service Dual 10/100 Ethernet Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 support
IVI ViewCommander VMS Content access control with AES 256 encryption Plug and play with datacast network Target ID authentication
IP Camera Support RTSP CBR MPTS IP output (unicast or multicast) 4 bar signal strength indicator Content decryption
HDMI/VGA Capture CBR MPTS ASI output Support for 5 clients connections File from stream recreation
h.264 encoding TS Multiplexer WebUI Video piping
MX-400SR Flow Control MX-400IO Flow Control USB Software updates and config Status and configuration applet
IP Camera Emulation   IPDforPC autodetect Plug and play with RR-ST1000 or provided USB tuner
Content access controls   Twist lock power  

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