Our Expertise

West Pond Technologies provides software development and systems engineering services to companies in need of solutions rather than staff augmentation. We provide technical services for nearly all aspects of product design, development and support. We specialize in enabling software for small computing devices that are continuously utilized on a real time basis. We have extensive experience with moving data over a variety of restrictive transports including those that are one way, restricted in bandwidth, or notoriously lossy. We provide solutions for the digital signage, hospitality, surveillance/security, public safety, fleet management, and commercial digital television industries. Our vast experience with embedded systems, low cost commodity hardware, systems integration, and embedded software enables us to provide economical solutions to cost sensitive markets.

A typical WPT project will involve some or all of the following services:

  • Project management
  • Market research
  • Product planning and definition
  • Site research
  • Prototype development
  • Systems architecture and design
  • Software development
  • Identify and enable production partners
  • Quality assurance
  • Systems management and network support
  • Sustaining engineering

Customers come to us for:

  • Software and firmware development
  • Small systems design
  • Complete solutions: hardware & software
  • Custom Linux Appliances
  • Systems Design and Integration
  • Streaming Media and Communications
  • Linux (LFS), Ubuntu, Raspbian, Android
  • Kernel, Drivers, Middleware, Apps, Web UIs
  • Local, just 45 minutes out of Boston
  • Big company capabilities... and little company responsiveness

We are happy to provide business models based upon time & materials, task completion, or product + NRE. Please contact our staff about your project or compare your project to some of those we have recently completed or productized ourselves. Many of these are highlighted on the products and partners pages of our website.

Our Recent Projects

Camping World Stadium: Our First MX-400ST Deployment

Camping World Stadium in Orlando Florida (formerly known as Orlando Citrus Bowl) is host to college bowl games, professional sporting matches, and a number of nationally recognized events. Recently reconstructed, this 70,000 seat stadium is now the go to location for large events in the Orlando area. As part of the remodeling, more than 400 television displays have been added to the entrances, press box, hall ways, suites, and concession areas throughout the stadium. The challenge presented to West Pond was to convert these 400 devices from common linear televisions to multimedia displays without rewiring the in-house RF network. Our partner and stadium integrator LiveEventTV presented the West Pond MX-400ST as the perfect solution. The first game was just a few weeks away; together West Pond, Live Event TV, and Camping World Stadium would need to choreograph the artwork, integrate with the stadium scoreboard, and test video inputs and content distribution to ensure everything would be perfect for game day. The first event and subsequent events were a complete success thanks to all involved. West Pond is pleased to have Live Event TV as a stadium integrator partner and Camping World Stadium as a customer.

SpectraRep: Aiding First Responders

In the rush of an emergency, first responders need accurate information to make life-saving decisions. Unfortunately, valuable time is often lost locating and delivering things like blueprints, hazardous material handling instructions and other time sensitive data. SpectraRep’s IncidentOne eliminates the problem of getting information to the scene of the incident and into the hands of the first responders. IncidentOne is a comprehensive solution that allows the command user, normally a public safety agency EOC (Emergency Operations Center), to reliably and securely transmit encrypted data, including bandwidth intensive content such as live video, images and large files, from the EOC to an unlimited number of clients (individual users) via digital TV and the Internet. The SpectraRep IncidentOne software coordinates the distribution and reception of this data as it is input, processed, secured, targeted, transmitted, and received by West Pond FlexStream equipment.

The MX-400SR, MX-400IO, RR-ST1000, and IPDforPC receiver software are integral components of the IncidentOne digital TV datacasting service. The “SR” hardware is installed at each participating PBS TV station where it enables the data carousel, IP encapsulation, forward error correction, content protection and content targeting features of the network. The “IO” device is tightly integrated with EOS video management systems (VMS) which it uses to capture security camera video and securely pass it to the “SR” at the station. The “RR” appliances are distributed to consumers of this data. They receive the terrestrial TV signals, extract the IncidentOne data, and routes it to LANs and WLANs for consumption by first responder computers and mobile devices.

See what Mark O’Brien of SpectraRep has to say about West Pond Technologies.

Outernet: Enabling Universal Internet Access

When Outernet set out to bring Internet content to every corner of the earth for free, they needed a partner with the experience and technology to do so, and do it quickly. Within one month the first satellite was enabled and low cost Raspberry Pi receivers were continuously downloading data. Our relationship with Outernet has grown to include support for third party DVB-S satellite receivers, custom designed satellite agnostic receivers, solar powered receivers, a FlexDK Android App, and data streaming to satellite foot print nearly as large as the earth itself. We are proud to support Outernet in their quest to bring internet for everyone.

Outernet is using a customized version of the FlexDK datacasting receiver software and MX-400SR datacasting servers to uplink to satellite services. Since each customer’s needs are different, West Pond was able to prepare the perfect combination of our highly efficient data carousel, FEC, network security, and IPE technology to meet their needs.

See what Syed Karim of Outernet has to say about West Pond Technologies.

Our Clients


West Pond has been instrumental in getting Outernet off the ground. We came to them with a napkin and an idea. Their years of "been there, done that" helped us to go from zero to 60 in record time. West Pond is a rare breed of full stack partner. Not only have they delivered flawlessly on their core competency, they have also gone above and beyond to ensure that Outernet gets to market and delivers on its mission of providing information and education to the world. We could not have done it without them.

Syed Karim | CEO of Outernet

West Pond Technologies is that rare breed of technology company that really gets it and can also deliver. They are engaged, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, flexible and, most importantly, deliver what they say they will when they say they will. It is always a challenge to convey concepts and ideas in a way that translates into a product. Working with West Pond Technologies has been a pleasure and I am happy to report that their implementation of our ideas is often better than the original vision. West Pond Technologies is a valuable partner; we very much enjoy working with them and look forward to our ongoing relationship

Mark O'Brien | EVP of SpectraRep LLC

West Pond Technologies is there when we need them. They provide exceptional talent and can be depended on to a deliver a quality product, on time, and within budget.

Mark Huttemann | President of TriplePlay Inegrations (now Symphony Teleca)

You guys are on top of your game, and we can testify to it.

Eyad Alneweiri | Director of Development, WiMatek Systems

UpdateLogic has retained West Pond Technologies to provide network maintenance and management services for the UpdateLogic nationwide datacasting network. West Pond Technologies’ experienced engineering team is a great asset to UpdateLogic and they are uniquely qualified to maintain the network such that it continually meets our specifications.

Patrick Sansonetti | VP Sales at UpdateLogic Inc. (now Qterics)

We have been working with the West Pond Technologies engineers for nearly seven years and are excited to continue that relationship through the formation of West Pond Technologies. West Pond Technologies listens to our needs, specifies solutions, and creates products that allow NDI to maintain our position as the leading datacasting service provider in the US. We look forward to a long partnership with West Pond Technologies.

West Pond Technologies provided exactly what we needed and did so well under budget and with very little supervision. It has been a pleasure working with them.

Shane Rodbourn | Vice President & General Manager, Facilis Technology