West Pond Enterprises


The FlexDK Software Development Kit enables customer devices to receive targeted file date over coax and broadcast transports. The open source software can be integrated into TVs or other receiving device that can utilize file data delivery. Usages include software updates, TV guide data, channel maps, configuration information, and digital signage content. The files can be transmitted by any of the West Pond Mx products. Once enabled, the receiving device will discover the FlexDK control channel, monitor it for compatible files, download the appropriate files, and store them locally for device use.

The FlexDK enables file delivery over standard MPEG2 transport stream, without wifi, without Ethernet, and without any TCP/IP communications. The files can be large or small, few or many. A targeting protocol and certificate signing ensures that that unauthorized sources cannot spoof the network and that the files on the carousel reach only the target destination. The Mx carousel protocol and FlexDK receiver software was designed primarily for cable and white space transmission. A more robust SDK which support encryption, forward error correction (FEC), IP encapsularion, and other advanced datacasting features is also available.

The FlexDK is licensed for use with West Pond products. Certificates for signing distribution content are provided with the SDK and the purchase of the FlexDK integration kit. (FlexDK, MX-GS200, MD-1000).

IDP for PC

The IPDforPC software turns DTV signals into audio, video, and computer files on location via datacasting without the use of Cellular networks or the Internet. Broadcast signals are received via supported datacasting tuners or RR-ST1000 networked datacasting receiver. Files and video streams are transmitted over RF networks using the Mx-WP400SR.