West Pond Enterprises

Managed DTV Receiver, Digital Signage Player, Display Controller

The FlexStream RX-WP100 receiver enables displays with or without tuners to receive broadcast TV signals, white space digital signage content from MX-GS200 units paired with a white space modulators, and digital signage content from any West Pond Mx product. This device can be remotely managed using the MX RF management tools.


DTV Set Top Box and L-Bar Digital Signage Player

  • Receives DTV video and signage data over coax wiring, DTV White Space, or UHF ISM band wireless transmissions.
  • No CAT5 or WiFi required.
  • 1080P-60 output
  • Support h.264 and MPEG2 video decoding, PCM, AAC, and AC3 audio
  • Centrally controlled via Mx products
  • Control display power, channel, volume, and more.
  • Display is controlled through RS-232, IR, or HDMI-CEC
  • Low power. 600ma @ 5V.
  • Mounts to rear of display

RF-TV support

  • US Cable TV QAM or ATSC 8-VSB modulations for coax distribution
  • DVB-T for DTV UHF White Space and ISM band installations
  • Video content can be existing in-house RF-TV content or new channels created by FlexStream Mx-200 or 400 products.
  • Mx channels autodetected for plug and play installation

Alerts & messages

  • Display information, alerts, and warnings on screen with video.
  • Timed duration, or indefinately displayed
  • Message is on one, many, or all screens
  • Informative: Text on video (warning)
  • Priority: Full screen graphics with text (alert)
  • Crawl: Text crawl on video (informational)
  • Dimensions: 100 mm x 100 mm 25 mm
  • Tuner:
    • MHz boundaries, 470 - 860 MHz UHF (ATSC, US Cable, DTV-T options)
  • Demodulation:
    • ATSC / US Cable: 8-VSB, QAM 64, QAM 256
    • DVB-T: QPSK, QAM 16, QAM 64
  • Video decoder:
    • MPEG2 & h.264/MPEG-4 AVC high-profile decode
  • Audio decoder:
    • AC-3, AAC, MP3
  • HDMI output 1.3a:
    • Common formats to 1080p, 5' cable included
  • Status LEDs:
    • Power, Fault, Signal, and 4 bar signal strength
  • Button controls:
    • On screen display on/off
    • Channel change/Rescan
  • TV control:
    • Commercial TVs: DB-9 RS-232 5' cable and null modem adapter included
    • Consumer TVs: HDMI-CEC (power on/off and input selection only)
FlexStream Cable TV Controller Ecosystem,
with the MX-GS200 and the MD-1000