West Pond Enterprises


The RR-ST1000 receiver is a networked tuner for the IPDforPC Windows App. The RR-ST1000 tuner searches all broadcast frequencies, automatically detects FlexStream transmmission (Mx-400SR datacasting), extracts the data from the transport, and passes it on to IPDforPC clients. IPDforPC clients automatically detect the RR-ST1000 when on the same LAN or in range of the RR announcement broadcast messages. An IPDforPC client outside of the local LAN can statically add the RR. Each RR supports up to 5 clients.

  • Embedded DTV tuner (ATSC for US broadcast market)
  • Auto scan, finds datacasting network automatically
  • Dual 10/100 network ports, switched to allow installation without consuming ports
  • Distributes streaming video via multicast UDP or TCP/IP to registered connections (requires PC software)
  • Manage via Web UI, Command Sticks
  • Low wattage DC power can be fed via USB, AC Brick, Auto-USB adapters
  • Dual 10/100 Ethernet
  • USB Type A Host for command sticks and WiFi AP option
  • Signal strength bars, status LEDs