West Pond Enterprises

MX-400 Headend Systems

  • MX-400 Base

    The base model of all MX-400 servers, its software begins with a multi-channel multiplexer which can process up to 500 mb/s of transport stream data. Hardware can be customized to meet a variety of needs.

  • MX-400ST

    The MX-400ST software package complements existing in-house cable TV networks by merging HTML graphics with live video to create dynamic multimedia HDTV channels which can be broadcast to all TVs.

  • MX-400HY

    The MX-400HY is specifically designed to help your facility supply ample, high quality programming through the use of digital broadcast content, satellite channels, video feeds, and custom made channels.

  • MX-400LV

    The MX-400LV is used to replace temporary coax cabling for live events. This unit provides the functionality required to create a complete TV station including video servers, encoders, channel branding, multiplexer, signaling, and modulation.

  • MX-400SR

    The MX-400SR is specifically configured for distributing computer files, Internet content, and A/V streams over satellite and terrestrial broadcast. This device will provide all the features necessary to deliver, target and protect your data.

  • MX-400IO

    The MX-400IO is specifically configured to deliver live audio and video content to the MX-400SR Datacasting Server. Content is sourced from a number of well know video management systems (VMS) or captured from an HDMI or other video interface, and then encrypted and dynamically encoded to meet the VBR bandwidth requirements of the MX-400SR.

  • MX-400TS

    The MX-400TS adds a TS video server, modulator, and tuner monitor to the MX-400 base configuration. Used as an "edge QAM", the frequency and standards agile modulator provides is enabled as an multiplexer output. A cable TV tuner is also provided to scan and discover unused cable TV frequencies.

Headend and Transmission

  • MX-100


    The MX-100 is a 2 channel version of the MX-400 in a shelf top package. It can be used to create TV channels on your in-house cable TV system, IPTV system, or directly to display via the HD video output. The MX-100 creates continuous TV programming for IPTV networks, Coax networks, and direct to TV displays.

  • MX-GS200


    The MX-GS200 packs our digital video streamer, transport stream multiplexer, and device controller into one economical, wall-mount package. This is a great solution for display controls, digital signage, hotel channels, and other applications that arenít suitable for rack mount equipment but require sophisticated functionality.

  • MD-1000


    The MD-1000 DTV modulator is an economical way to convert the MX-GS200 transport streams into DTV compatible RF signals. It is both frequency and modulation agile; supporting all standard cable TV, VHF and UHF frequencies as well as most major modulation standards.

  • Flexstream IPM

    FlexStream IPM

    The FlexStream IPM combines IPTV or ASI transport streams into a single MPTS, modifies or merges the signaling, and outputs to ASI, IPTV or both. Great for feeding edge QAMs, converting IPTV to ASI or the reverse, or other TS manipulation.

  • Flexstream FEC

    FlexStream FEC

    The FlexStream FEC generates or applies SMPTE 2022 FEC to any UDP or RTP TS. SMPTE 2022 is zero latency solution for lossy IP transports. Use this device to add SMPTE 2022 support to a device that doesnít support it, or in pairs to add FEC onto any network link.

Receiving Devices

  • RR-ST1000

    The RR-ST1000 is a datacasting receiver router compatible with the FlexStream-SR datacasting server and IPDforPC windows software. This low power, plug and play unit, scans the DTV spectrum for datacasting content, locks on, and delivers the encoded payload over IP to network devices running IPTforPC. Use this device in first responder vehicles or office settings.

  • RX-WP100

    The RX-WP100 managed DTV receiver converts a white space, ISM band, or cable TV network into a digital signage media solution. Integrated display controls enable centralized control of your display power and channel. These units are ideal for temporary TV installations, stadiums in need of display controls and simple digital signage features, and retail digital signage.

  • RX-50

    The RX-50 receiver provides display controls over coax networks. With the RX-50, displays and other devices can be controlled via RS-232, IR, and HDMI-CEC protocols. The RX-50 is compatible with the MX-GS200 and other West Pond MX devices.

Software and Web Services

  • FlexDK

    The FlexDK open source software development kit can be used to enable any DTV with file reception capabilities. Once enabled, these devices can receive files transmitted over DTV RF transports (cable TV or broadcast). Files can be used for any purpose including software updates, device configuration, and advertisement.

  • IPD For PC

    IPDforPC is datacasting software for Windows operating systems. This software controls the DTV tuner, applies the FEC, selects content based upon targeting rules, decrypts content, stores file and distributes streams. Files are stored on the local drive for access by customer software, video and/or streams are available for players like VLC to decode and display. The software auto-detects any RR-ST1000 on the LAN or WLAN and performs the same functions without direct access to a local tuner. IPDforPC is compatible with the MX-400SR datacasting protocols.