West Pond Enterprises
MX-100 Channel Creator Giveaway

West Pond is looking for applications that highlight the capabilities of the MX-100 Channel Creator!

This is your chance to impress your customer or favorite commercial venue with the special capabilities of the MX-100 Channel Creator.

Enter to win a Free MX-100! It's simple, just provide us with a brief description of how you plan to use it and why the MX-100 is ideal for this application.

West Pond will select up to 10 winners each of which will receive a free MX-100 and a 1 year subscription to our FlexDM remote management.

Applications must be received by July 30, 2018. Winners will be selected in August 2018. All applicants agree to be included on West Pond mailing lists. Commercial applications only, consumer uses will be denied. At least 1, and up to 10, applicants will be selected to receive a free MX-100 and one year use of the FlexDM cloud based remote management service. The winning applicants will be selected based upon the suitability of their proposed application of the MX-100. Employees and their families are ineligible to apply. Winners agree to allow West Pond to use their name and application information in its marketing material.

Email Your Entry

Please include:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Contact Information
  • Describe the facility in which the MX-100 will be installed.
  • What features of the MX-100 will you use and how?
  • How will the MX-100 and FlexDM management help your company?


Usage 1: Health Care Training

The MX-100 is the perfect way to add training channels to your health care facility's channel lineup. The MX-100 will store copies of all your training videos and play them back in a loop or by time-of-day, thus creating up to 5 HD training channels that can be viewed on any TV, not just the TV in your training room. It is also the perfect tool for educating new patients on how to order lunch, call for help, and fill out the necessary forms. Also great for rehab, nutrition, and general health education. The next time that DVD needs replacing, consider replacing it for good with the MX-100 Channel Creator from West Pond.

Usage 2: Pub TV Advertising

Get the most out of your pub TVs by enticing your customers to buy more product. Use the MX-100 Channel Creator to periodically squeeze the video and pop up images and text that advertise happy hour specials, last call messages, or future events. These messages can pop up periodically or based upon the day and time. Just set it and forget it. Change the messages only when you want to.

Usage 3: Senior Living Facility

Leverage your in-house cable TV system to bring a custom TV channel to residents and common areas throughout your senior living facility. Combine video from HD sources, stored files, or common IPTV cameras with HTML graphics to create the perfect daily announcement and house news channel. Our quick turn templates include local weather, date, time, daily activities, menu, announcements, birthdays, and photos. Keep your residents stimulated with these captivating TV channels. Check out our Senior Living Templates for more information.

Usage 4: Office Display Controls

Does your office or retail facility has common area TVs and it's your responsibility to turn each off at the end of the day and on each morning? Why not automate that using the MX-100 display control feature? The MX-100 will send control commands via coax wiring to up to 5 different TVs. Group these controls to manage the displays as one group, or control them independent. Use displays controls to power on/off the display, set the input source, change the channel, set the volume, etc. See the RX-50 for more information.