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FlexStream FEC

Forward Error Correction

Standards based Forward Error Correcton (FEC) is used to reduce or remove transport stream packet loss on LANs or WANs. Used in pairs or to create compatibility with existing SMPTE 2022 devices. This product is sold through our partner DVEO under FEC Box IP IP/pr™ product ID.

The FlexStream-FEC is a compact, DC brick powered, computing device with two 10/100 Ethernet jacks. The purpose of the device is to ensure UDP traffic, specifically RTP packets, reach their destination even when errors occur during transmission. The FlexStream-FEC repairs RTP streams by inserting or applying the required FEC data in a way that is as transparent as possible to the target device. To ensure compatibility with targets that don't support FEC, the RTP stream itself is not modified. To ensure compatibility with third party FEC devices, the format of the FEC data inserted or applied is specified by the SMPTE 2022 specification. The FlexStream-FEC can be paired with a target device to apply FEC data provided by the source, or paired with a source to insert FEC data for consumption by a compatible target, or deployed as a set of devices that wraps the lossy transmission inserting FEC on the source side and applying it at the target side. See image below for details.

FlexStream-FEC features:

  • SMPTE 2022 FEC compatibility
  • Inserts FEC for transmission from non FEC enabled transmitters
  • Applies FEC for reception by non FEC enabled receivers
  • Dual 10/100 Ethernet allows inline configuration or targeted configuration
  • Process up to 20mb/s input and output UDP streams
  • Use with any lossy network such as broadcast, satellite, cellular, microwave, WiFi
  • Web UI and USB management

This device is sold through our partnership with DVEO.
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